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Shrinathji Enterprises
Shrinathji Enterprises started its working from the year 2009 and has always believed in promoting the best products available across any section. Since its inception, the company is known as a channel for trading and distribution of various petroleum-derived products, sugar commodity and electrical wires and accessories.

Shrinathji Enterprises is one of the group companies of JAYBHARAT GROUP based in Mumbai, and is actively trading the petroleum products of its private-limited sister-concerns UNICORN PETROLEUM & EASTERN PETROLEUM. Also, the company continues to enjoy being a KP+ (KABEL PARTNER +) (for Vidarbha region of Maharastra state in India), in promoting the products of household electrical name RR KABEL, which is one of the important entity of a group best known as RAM RATNA GROUP based in Baroda.

Here, the company takes pride in promoting the two brand names EASTTO (petroleum) & RR KABEL (electrical) more to the world, with a promise to include more popular and best products available across any domain.

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