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  PVC Insulated Heavy Duty Power + Control Cable as per IS 1554 (P-1)
- Heavy Duty Performance
- Offers the best combination safety, efficiency & economy.

Applications: Heavy Duty Power and Control Cables are used for Underground power supply by utility provider for Street Lights, Industrial Automation with mechanical strength for protection on insulated cores and other industrial applications.

Specifications: IS 1554 (P-1)
  Construction Material IS Specifications
Conductor ETP Grade Copper 8130
Insulation PVC Type A or C 5831
Inner Sheath PVC Type ST1 or ST2 5831
Armour Galvanised Steel Wire Strip 3975
Outer Sheath PVC Type ST1 or ST2 5831
The sheath is also provided in with FR and FRLSH PVC.
Core Identification: For power cable and control cable upto 4 cores, the cores are identified by different colours as per IS 1554: (Part1).

Colours: Single Core: Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, etc. (only unarmoured).
2 Core: Red and Black.
3 Core: Red, Yellow and Blue.
4 Core: Red, Yellow, Blue and Black.
5 Core : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black and Grey.

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  PVC Industrial & Sheathed flexible control cables - Upto 1100 V
Applications: These cables are used for flexible use for medium mechanical stresses with Free Movement without tensile stress in dry & moist condition for measuring and control cables in tool machines, conveyor belts, production lines in machinery production and in steel production.

Conductor: Annealed Bare Copper as per IS 8130, Class 5.

Insulation PVC: Type A conforming to IS 5831.

Sheath Colour: Black / Grey.

PVC Sheath: Type ST-1 conforming to IS 5831.HR, FR and FRLS sheathing can be provided as per requirement.

Core Colours: Black with white numbering + Green / Yellow (earth core).

Rated Voltage: 300/500 V.

Test Voltage: 2000 V A.C.

Min. Bending Radius: Flexing 7.5 x the overall dia.of cable.

Fixed Installation: 4 x the overall dia. of cable 105 C.

Max Short Circuit Temperature: 160 C.

Minimum Laying Temperature: Upto -15O C.

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  Multicore flexible cables for appliances & machine tools - Upto 1100V
- Compact contruction
- Rugged yet flexible for industrial use
- High temperature insulation.

Conductor: Compactly bunched, electrolytic grade, annealed copper with high flexibility according to class 5 conductor as per IS 8130 sizes from 0.5 sq. mm to 50.0 sq. mm.

Colours: Black & Grey. White available on request.

Packing: 100 mtr. coils. Longer lengths can be made available on request.

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  Data transmission cables
Applications: Is suitable for interconnection of electrical measuring devices to Instrument panel or instrument. Measuring, monitoring and control in machine tool manufacturing, in plant engineering, in all places where electrical interference fields can distort a signal transmission or where Interference pulses arising in the mains must be confined.

Technical Data: Special PVC data cables, adapted to DIN VDE 0245.
The material used in manufacture is cadmium free and contains no silicone and free of substances harmful to the wetting properties of Lacquers.

Coupling Resistance: < 250 ohm.

Temperature Range: Flexing -5 C to +80 C.

Nominal Voltage: Uo / 500 V.

Test Voltage: 3000 V.

Insulation Resistance: Min. 20 Mohm x km.

Mutual Capacitance: According to different cross sections Core / Core approx, 150 nF / km. Core / Screen approx, 270 nF / km.

Minimum Bending Radius: Approx. 10 x cable.

Cable Structure: Bare copper, fine wire conductors, bunch 0 0 Fixed Installation -20 C to +80 C stranded to IS 8130 class 5 and IEC 60228 class 5. Core insulation of special PVC Type A IS 5831, TI 1 DIN VDE 0207 Part 4. Coloured cores upto 4 cores only. Continuous numbering in white and one green / yellow core from 5 core onwards. Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-length. Core Wrapping withcopper mylartape. Tinned copper braided screen, Approx. 85% coverage. Special PVC outer sheath TYPE ST1 of IS 5831, TM2 DIN VDE 0281 Part 1 and HD 21.1, sheath colour grey. Extensively Oil Resistant, Chemical Resistant. PVC self- extinguishing and flame retardant, test according to IS 694, DINVDE 0472 Part 804 and IEC 60332-1.

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